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Here We Go Again…

So the new year is rapidly approaching..are you ready? 

What does that even mean during a pandemic? 

One thing for sure that we have all learned is that we are all adaptable and resilient. 

This article is going to remind you of just that-your strengths! When we are in touch with our strengths, life is easier and we welcome challenges instead of avoiding them. Go through the following prompts to help you feel empowered and ready as the new year arrives. 

  1. Think about one of the biggest challenges you have overcome. 
  2. How did you get through it? 
  3. Who helped to support you? 
  4. What kind of mindset did you have? (Positive, negative, hopeful, hopeless? )
  5. When you were feeling defeated during that time, how long did that feeling last? 
  6. When you were feeling defeated, how did you rise above it? 
  7. What did you learn about yourself when this event was over? 
  8. Is there anything you would have done differently and if so, what? How would that have changed things? 
  9. How did you feel about yourself once this event was over? Proud that you persevered? Relieved that you handled this challenge as best you could? 
  10. Do you know the definition of resilience? It is the ability to overcome difficulties. You have clearly done that many times in your life-maybe more than you realize!

After having gone through these questions, and rethinking your past challenges and how you’ve overcome them, you see that you are a resilient and adaptable person! Whether it was a health crisis, a relationship challenge such as an affair or a divorce, or a financial or job change, you have clearly have the ability to bounce back. Maybe, just maybe, your life is better as a result of the hardships. Maybe you are stronger. Remember with all pain there are gifts. So, tap into your strengths, empower yourself, and know that no matter what life throws at you, you will figure it out! Set your goals for the new year and go after them! Happy Holidays! 

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