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  • The Blame Game
      By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW Chances are you know this game well.  Chances are you’ve played a round or two.  Maybe you even started the game.  Well, it is a losing Read more
  • Stress and You
      By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW You are probably under stress right now.  We are all susceptible to stress at different times in our lives to varying degrees.  Each of our individual Read more
  • Too Little, Too Late
    By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW Session after session, many husbands and wives complain about each other.  “If only she were more interested in sex.”  “If only he listened more to me.” Read more
  • He’s Not a Mind-Reader!!!
    By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW Time after time, I hear women complain that their husbands just don’t understand them.  “He should know after all this time what I need!” This is Read more
  • Flirting With Finances – Your Money and Your Relationship
    By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW Did you think you knew your partner when you became a couple?  You may have known how he or she felt about kids, religion, drinking, sex, Read more
  • The Little Things in Life
    By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW One might think that when a couple goes to see a therapist they are stressed about big things.  Not so.  It is actually the ‘little things’ Read more
  • Vacations Are Good for Your Marriage
      By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW As I packed my suitcase in the midst of the biggest snowstorm this state has seen in years, I thought to myself, “this is a lot Read more
  • Five Things You Must Know Before You Get Married
    By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW Imagine getting behind the wheel of a car without ever taking a driving lesson.  Imagine showing up for a college exam without having read the material. Read more
  • Being Single is Not a Disease
    By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW “One by one they are dropping like flies, “a thirty something year old woman said to her girlfriend, referring to ‘good men’.  This is an all Read more
  • The Good Enough Marriage
    By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW Week after week, session after session, couples continue to struggle.  Often, not always, the wives express dissatisfaction with their husbands’ behavior.  These women talk about how Read more
  • 3 Things You Must Know about Your Health
    By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW People are worried about their health. Are you one of them? More and more I hear my clients talk about their most recent doctor’s visit, surgery, and/or Read more
  • How Will You Spend Valentine’s Day??
    By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW So, another holiday is upon us. For some of you, it is just another day; yet for others, it is an opportunity to show your significant other Read more
  • An Affair Doesn’t Have To Be The End Of Your Marriage. Maybe, It’s Just The Beginning.
    By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW “If he ever cheated, I’d file for divorce in a heartbeat.”  Susan said to her friend Jamie over lunch.  She went on to say, “I just Read more
  • Do You Judge a Book by its Cover?
    By Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW Okay, be honest.  You may have done this recently or maybe it’s been a while since you’ve done it, buy you’ve probably done it at least Read more
  • Guilty Again?
    By Stacey Rose, LCSW, PhD I’d like to have a conversation with you.  Yes, you.  Are you feeling guilty?  Again?  Guilt is a feeling everyone has had at some point in Read more
  • How do you REALLY Feel about being ALONE???
    By Stacey Rose, LCSW, PhD More and more in my practice, I hear people talk about how very afraid they are of being alone.  What does this mean?  For some it Read more

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