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Covid and Love…

How has the Covid-19 Pandemic impacted your love life? 

You may think they have no connection at all but let’s take a look at some scenarios…

Do any of them resonate with you? 

If you were single before the quarantine in March 2020, did you stay single throughout the quarantine? Some single folks turned to online dating, when they hadn’t been prior to the quarantine, and have found great partners and created healthy relationships since then. Other singles deepened their relationship with themselves, finding new hobbies, and interests and truly enjoying their own company. 

For some people who were in relationships prior to the beginning of the pandemic, the stress of all of it was too much for them and it contributed to ending their relationship-which could be positive, negative, or bittersweet. 

There were some couples who had just started dating and when the lockdown happened, they thought maybe we should just quarantine together and have since married. The pandemic accelerated many relationships that otherwise may have taken a much slower pace. 

Many couples who were engaged had to postpone their weddings, for which became a logistical challenge by rearranging dates, and venues, losing deposits, and having to rethink their wedding day in a whole new way-now considering physical safety. 

Some couples who had just decided to divorce before the quarantine then were ‘stuck’ living under the same roof with so much marital tension, not knowing when the restrictions would lift. Other married couples who were struggling were able to work things out as they had to see each other every day, multiple times a day. 

For those couples who (married or not) live together who were stressed before the pandemic with parenting and work responsibilities may have welcomed the amount of time with their partner and grew a whole new appreciation for them. 

No matter what your relationship status was and no matter what it is now, there is little doubt that this pandemic has affected your love life-whether for better or worse (or both). Are you happy with the impact it had? If so, great! If not, what can you do now to improve the quality of your relationship? Think about it.. not all crises in life have to have negative impacts on our relationships. Always seek out the silver linings. 


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