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Marital Boot Camp

Option #1 – Introduction to Marital Boot Camp-This is for all couples, not just married; and you don’t have to be on the brink of divorce, you may simply need a marital booster shot! This is a 2 hour session personalized to your needs. Issues to be addressed will be communication, money, and sex. You both will walk away from this experience feeling more connected and understood.   

Option #2  – Intermediate Marital Boot Camp-For couples who are struggling in their relationship. This customized 3 hour session will help you feel loved again and learn how to love your partner in the ways they need and want to be loved. This session will give you tools you can begin using right away so you can feel what you felt when you first met each other.  

Option #3  – Advanced Marital Boot Camp-For any couple who is seriously considering ending their relationship/marriage. You have invested a lot of your time, energy, and life into your relationship, isn’t it at least worth trying to make it work before you leave? Don’t you want to be able to say you did EVERYTHING in your power to try and make it work before you walk away? If so, try this one day intensive where I will facilitate communication exercises, meditations, guided imageries, writing exercises and more to help you get back on track and avoid the emotional and financial cost of divorce. This one day may save your marriage, isn’t it worth a shot?? A six hour day, with lunch included from 9am -4:30pm, Saturdays available.

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