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What Kind of Risk Taker are You?

On a scale of 1-10, how risky would you rate yourself?

 Are you someone who is a ‘10’ where you will go on the steepest, fastest roller coaster or put a lot of money into a stock market? Or are you closer to a ‘1’ on the scale where you will avoid any risk at all regardless of how safe it has been said to be?  

When we think of risks, we might think of jumping out of a plane, or buying a lot of stock but simply going to the supermarket in the past year has been considered a risk. The meaning of the word ‘risk’ has changed dramatically given all the massive changes in our world since the onset of Covid-19. More and more people are challenged by making decisions that were not given second thoughts prior to the pandemic. For instance, spending time with family and friends, something we all took for granted pre-pandemic, has become a major health concern. 

While many people at this point have navigated through the pandemic as gracefully as possible, others have struggled throughout it. There is no right or wrong way. Much of the decision-making comes down to personal comfort levels. 

How comfortable are you spending time with others?

 Do you wear masks? Socially distance? 

Or do you take your chances? 

While most everyone is emotionally drained from the stress level of the past year, it is still important to take precautions, again depending on your comfort level. I imagine you know people who have barely left their homes since March 2020 and probably know others who don’t believe Covid is actually a problem. No matter what you believe, knowing your comfort level with risks, and how you define risks is critically important. It is likely that you and your family, friends, and significant other probably have differing levels of comfort and risk-taking. No matter how your comfort levels differ, it helps to respect others’ comfort levels. For example, a husband who is comfortable seeing friends to play golf and then go to dinner with his friends could have a wife who is more concerned about the contagious virus. 

The different attitudes are not the issue-the issue is HOW the couple works through these differences. If they judge each other for not being as comfortable as they are, this can be emotionally damaging to the relationship. Finding respect and meeting in the middle can let your partner know you see them and love them, even if you feel differently about how to navigate this pandemic. 

Answer these questions to see how risky you really are…

  1. I always go on roller coasters at an amusement park. (True or False)
  2. I love to gamble at a casino or on sports. (True or False)
  3. I have gotten speeding tickets. (True or False)
  4. I have jumped out of a plane. (True or False)
  5. I like to break the rules. (True or False)
  6. I like playing sports. (True or False)
  7. I ride motorcycles. (True or False)
  8. I don’t get motion sickness ever. (True or False)
  9. I love to be dared to do something. (True or False)

If you have more than 5 ‘Trues’ it is likely that you tend to be a risk-taker. This is not good nor bad, it just is. 

If you have less than 5 ‘Trues’ you are more likely to be a risk avoider. 

Again, this is not good or bad, instead just important to know where you are and your significant other stand. Information is power. 

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