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  • Do You Sleep Alone?
    Do you sleep alone? Whether or not you are married, single, divorced, or in a committed relationship, people still choose to sleep alone at times. Some people choose to share Read more
    Come learn the basics of How to Create and Sustain the Relationship of Your Dreams!June 6, 20166:30-7:30 pmOcean townshipCall or email as soon as possible to save your space!Registration required…[email protected] Read more
  • Ocean Township Therapist Offers Advice on Siblings
    From 94.3 The Point Stacey Rose tackles a relationship topic each week on Lou and Liz in the Morning. Here’s what she has to say about how to get along, as Read more
  • Cheating: When to Stay and When to Go
    From 94.3 The Point Relationship Expert Stacey Rose brought her advice to our morning show today. Here’s what she had to say. Cheating. It’s enough to break up any marriage… …or is it? Stacey Read more
  • Your Relationship Requires Work…
    At the beginning of a relationship things just seem to flow. But what happens when the initial excitement wears off and all of a sudden the ‘cute’ things your partner Read more
  • Dating Tips
    From 94.3ThePoint You keep choosing the ‘bad boy’. You just can’t seem to find Mr. Right. Here is what Stacey Rose, our relationship expert, has to say. Dating. It’s tough out there. Whether Read more
  • Do You Have Problems with Your In-Laws?
    From 94.3 The Point Does your mother-in-law or any other member of your spouse’s family cause you and your partner to fight? Here’s what our relationship expert has to say. Stacey Rose Read more
  • How to Get your Partner to Really Hear You
      TAKEN FROM 94.3THEPOINT Communication in a relationship. It’s not always easy. Our relationship expert has some advice for you. As one frustrated listener called in to say, “My husband rolls his eyes Read more
  • Do You Have to Nag Your Man to Help Around the House?
    During my segment on 94.3 The Point – Lou & Liz In The Morning a caller asked me how she could get her husband to empty the dishwasher without her Read more
  • Do You Share Passwords with Your Spouse?
    Here’s what Relationship Expert Stacey Rose has to say about sharing passwords in your relationship. Every Monday morning we will have Stacey Rose of the Rose Relationship Learning Center on our show Read more
  • This May be Your Answer…
    If you are feeling stuck in your life, whether it is in a relationship, a job, or simply a general ‘rut’, there is help! What kind of help you ask? Read more
  • Time for a Fresh Start…
    Happy New Year! What do you want to do with this year? How do you want to live your life so you can feel proud of who you are? What Read more
  • Your Best Holiday Season Ever, Even If You Hate The Holidays…
    Think about your best holiday time in your entire life. What made it so great? How old were you? Where were you? What was happening? for many people, the holidays Read more
  • Lou & Liz In The Morning
    Hey New Jersey…Did you hear? Stacey Rose was a guest on Lou & Liz in the Morning!! Stacey spoke about the importance of frequent check-ins with your spouse – think of Read more
  • Living Your Life INTENTIONALLY…
    After a recent visit to Kripalu (a retreat and yoga center in Massachusetts), I am pleasantly reminded of how critically important it is to live intentionally. Not being a yogi Read more
  • 3 Tips You Must Know To Improve Your Marriage…
      “For better or worse” is what they say.  All of us could stand to improve the “worse” times.  But what can YOU do to improve these times?  Waiting for your partner Read more

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