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  • How Your Expectations Can Get YOU In Trouble
    How many times have you walked into a situation with a set of expectations only to be let down? We all do this: whether it is a work or personal Read more
  • Life Lessons I Learned from my Dog
    When I think about where I have learned all I have throughout the years, several people come to mind. Teachers, parents, mentors, friends and other family members are just a Read more
  • Why Your Relationship Is Like An Onion
    Think about the last time you sliced an onion. Did your eyes water or did you possibly even shed a tear? Sometimes our relationships can be the same, our eyes Read more
  • Ten Keys To A Successful Marriage
    People ask me all the time what are some of the basics to having a successful marriage. Here they are: Imagine that everyday could possibly be the last day with your Read more
    “I have tried everything and he still won’t change”, my client reported to me. “I mean, I’ve told him how I feel and what I need, I use the right words Read more
  • Walking on Eggshells
    Go get five dozen eggs. You will use only the shells. Make omelets with the rest. Throw the shells on the floor. Now take off your shoes and walk. Walk Read more
  • The Blame Game
    Chances are you know this game well.  Chances are you’ve played a round or two. Maybe you even started the game well, it is a losing game: there are no Read more
  • He’s Not a Mind-Reader
    Time after time, I hear women complain that their husbands just don’t understand them. “He should know after all this time what I need!” This is a common statement by Read more
  • Top 5 Secrets of Happy People
    Happiness is a funny thing; something we all want. Yet, how do you know when you are really happy?  Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness, writes that most of Read more
  • Will Your Relationship Pass The Test?
    Would you like to know how healthy your relationship really is? Do you ever wonder if this relationship could be or should be different from how it is?   Is Read more
  • One Of The Scariest Things In Marriage???
    Billy drinks to avoid it. Carmen works to avoid it. Sandy busies herself with her kids to avoid it. “IT” is CONFRONTATION, something so many of us never learned how Read more
  • “Just Do It???”
    As the Nike marketing tells us, we should “just do it!” What exactly does that mean and how can we apply it to our lives?  Think about the one thing Read more
  • Guilty Again?
    I’d like to have a conversation with you. Yes, you. Are you feeling guilty? Again? Guilt is a feeling everyone has had at some point in their life, but why? Read more
  • Is It An Affair If You Don’t Have Sex?
    Is it an affair if you don’t have sex?  Since the birth of the internet, people can connect with others they may never have crossed paths with before.  People “meet” Read more
  • The “M” Word – Yes, Masturbation
    Okay, they say 99 percent of men do it and the other one percent lie.  Yes, the “M” word: MASTURBATION. This is a normal and healthy thing! Yes, even women Read more
  • The Good Enough Marriage
    Week after week, session after session, couples continue to struggle.  Often, not always, the wives express dissatisfaction with their husbands behavior.  These women talk about how their husbands aren’t paying Read more

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